An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

& Storytellers

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​& Storytellers

Saving the world, ​one story at a time

Tell Me a Story
     It's always been my favorite time of day, whether it was me nestled onto my father's lap, my ear against his breast bone, the rumble of his deep voice vibrating into my imagination, or my two children gathered on a bed, listening to my attempts at the voices in one of the multitude of books from the library.   And I've wondered where our tradition of stories at bedtime came from, wondered that is, until I'd thought about it for a minute.  

     Why do we read to our children before lights out?  Why is it typical to have a stack of books at our own bedsides?  Why does television's prime-time happen in the evening, filling the space between dinner and sleep?  My personal theory is that this has been the time always when humans tell their stories.  When the work of the day is over and the family fires are lit.  In the long-ago times, it was a time of gathering and of relating history, handing down traditions, fostering cultural consciousness.

     The stories from that time were different from ours, and they were not.  They were stories of people who became heroes unintentionally, who learned things we need to know, whose circumstances were different, but whose concerns were the same as ours.  And so, we still seek out stories and those willing to tell them, still revel in the hearing, the reading, the telling.  


And to get your story fix... 
     We are a troupe of traveling writers and poets offering as many opportunities to experience stories as there are stories to tell.   Catch us at Colorado libraries, art galleries, state parks, and any other venue that will hold still long enough for us to read you the words we've written.  

     Many of our events showcase our members reading their work from a variety of disciplines and styles.  We also schedule events with our offerings interlaced with the work of community attendees who throw their names into a hat.  Always, our events are random acts of fiction and fact, saving the world one story at a time.  
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