An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

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Words, Words, Words
there are many,
Blacksmiths and Gold smiths,
Boilersmiths and Boltsmiths.

There are
​Bronzesmiths and Coppersmiths,
Locksmiths and Gunsmiths.

In this town we even have a Carsmith,
named Smith
and he's one of my favorite people.

they are craftspeople,
masters of their art,

And many of us Wordsmiths
are Smiths of other stripes as well,

We are Paintsmiths and Musclesmiths,
we are Numbersmiths and Studysmiths.

In our other lives,
as Othersmiths,
when we're not writing,

we craft ones and zeros,
steaks and sauces,
and other people's dining experiences,
working our magic
with clay,
with lattes,
and with the human spirit.

But we also write. 

We write in the in-between spaces,
in the time we can carve
away from the bustle, and the noise,
and the race.

We write because
there are things we must say,
things we must describe,
things we must remark upon,
things we mustn't allow to slip by
without notice. 

We write because we want to share
these things with you,
we want to give you beauty,
but also to hold space
and puzzle out
what it is to be human
right here,
right now.  

We want exchange with you
in the things we have,
the things we are,

We want to become
in this small way,
in this small place,

                          ©2016 Annette Meserve