An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

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​​And so the process starts again…
'In the beginning there was the word,'

…and then the planning,
the imagining,
the bringing of the ephemeral
into the perceivable,
extracting meaning from the ether.

Meaning suggests design,
wheels and track,
arms and legs,
paper and table and pencil,

…and a horse.

All lined up in careful order,
one over another,
this before that.

What comes after?
Which is in front?

Then the most difficult,
the most complicated,
the most crucial,

the breathing of life into,
within a tiny world,
playing God,

at once adhering to
and manipulating
the laws of physics,

all in service of
the one intention
to get the point across,
to communicate,
to beam a message
into the unknowable space

of another mind. 

                                ©2016 Annette Meserve​


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