An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

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The Appearance of Terrible Things

          It started as a frustration really, a frustration that led to a question, "What if the collective of human kind could step out of the destructive cycles that have characterized our history?"  

          A multitude of questions followed but they finally boiled down to the one, next question, "How could we do it?" 

          And so the series, The Appearance of Terrible Things was born.  Well, Annette says 'born' when what she really means is that it barged into her office, sat down on her chest and threatened to not get up until she wrote it.  

          So this is how she met two young women, Nimah and Ronnie, one born to privilege, one born to service. 

          In the first story,The Book of Questions Nimah is betrothed against her will to the leader of the Nazca, a terrifying race of green people who have terrorized the Mercun people and lurked in their legends for a millenium.  This privileged 'Cessah' and her clever maid conspire to meet the challenge of living among brutes in ways Nimah's 'Tector' father never anticipated.  With the help of Nimah's mother and Veronica's grandmother, the head of the Templo kitchens, the young women may just survive their fates.  But, with Gramma's private plot already in motion, the Tector himself may not.  And, even as the Cessah and her maid leave to confront their future, Nimah's mother, Tectorena Pilar finds herself presented with the unbelievable that manifests before her eyes and that may hold the key to her country's future.    ‚Äč