An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

©2016 Annette Meserve


The Appearance of Terrible Things

          It started as a frustration, really, a frustration that led to a question, "What if the collective of human kind could step out of the destructive cycles that have characterized our history?"  

          A multitude of questions followed but they finally boiled down to the one, next question, "How could we do it?" 

          And so the series, The Appearance of Terrible Things was born.  Well, I say 'born' when what I really mean to say is that it barged into my office, sat down on my chest and threatened to not get up until I wrote it.  

          So this is how I met two young women, Nimah and Ronnie, one born to privilege, one born into service.  In this first story, their circumstances take an alarming turn and together, they are thrust into a world they never knew existed.  Surrounded by magic and technology, they are forced to shift their understandings of history, of culture, and of reality itself.

          Nimah's mother, Pilar, sees her own place not as privilege, but as responsibility, doing her best to guide her people through the perils that are her husband's politics.  Through an unlikely friendship and an old wounding she must find peace within society's restrictions, or change those restrictions altogether.  

Like the girls, Pilar is soon presented with an unbelievable reality that manifests before her eyes and that may hold the key to her country's future.  

The Appearance of Terrible Things is currently in rewrites after having undergone the diligent scrutiny of a horde of generous beta readers.    

Look for a publication date coming soon.  

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