Summer in Colorado means it's time for my annual adventure running away and joining the circus, nine weeks of camping and corsets, jewelry and juggling, heat and hanging around with some of my favorite Rennie friends.  So for all of June and July, you can find me in Larkspur in psuedo-period garb and sporting a Scottish accent, renewing connections in my adopted culture while helping to promote the beautiful works of master artisians and craftspeople.  What a way to spend the summer!  Find me at booth #116, the home of Jewelry by Da'oud.  

     Another year gone by with all the fun and drama and sales and disappointments and accomplishments and hugs and tears.  Mostly though, there is gratitude for spending time with such wonderful and caring people.  It was a terrific run and, as I return to my stationary life, I find myself looking forward to next year!  

     Special thanks to incredibly talented jewelers and the best employers on the planet, Star and Da'oud Thompson of Jewelry by Da'oud.  

     Safe travels to all the Rennies heading to Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Maryland, and beyond! 

February 1, 2017



An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO