An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

Giodone Branch Library 
(on the Mesa in Pueblo)
24655 US-50 BUS
​Pueblo, CO 81006
Phone: (719) 562-5600

Wordsmiths & Storytellers
Tales from the Mists
August 19th, 2017
 Annette Meserve 
(Program to be announced)
Lathrop State Park 
70 County Road 502
Walsenburg, CO, 81089

Phone: (719) 738-2376

        Thursday April 20th, 2017

(breath, the vital principle, life, soul)


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Explore with us the relationship of humans within the natural world and the wildness within each of us.  From out of Norwegian myth we bring the story of a princess who dreams of a golden wreath.  On a walk in the woods, she finds a polar bear playing with the very object from her sleeping vision.  She must have it but his price for the wreath is herself.

After battling her father’s army, the King Bear Valemon takes the girl away.  In his magnificent castle, the princess’ life is filled with comfort and wonder.  Valemon comes to her only at night and, under the cover of total darkness, he returns to his form as a man.  Soon she falls in love with the kind and generous White Bear King but there is, of course, a catch.   She is not allowed to look upon her beloved in anything but his bear form and, as with all of the old tales, and maybe with all of us too, she is compelled to do what she should not.  

He wakes one night to find her gazing upon him one night in the light of a smuggled candle.  He is distraught because his curse was to be lifted the very next month but now the princess has ruined everything.  He must return to the place where he was cursed and marry the Troll Hag.  It's up to the Princess to save Valemon, her love!  

an evening of myth and poetry

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