An evening of Myth and Poetry

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

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on the Shelf

I wouldn't have chosen them.

They were chosen
long before this was my office
long before I gazed out
from this big picture window
at Autumn's bright sunflowers,
long before my job was
sitting hour upon hour
in front of glaring computer screens.

When they were chosen,
they were a bold statement,
a declaration of the independence
and singular style,
the curtain's bright
clashing violently
and somehow blending peacefully
the mustard-yellow
of the walls
the chartreuse 
of the blankets
the patchwork
of the pillows
the bareness
of the exposed subflooring,
the sky blue
of her hair.

Their orange has a richness,
a dept,
a shiny satin sweetness
of candied fruit slices,
candied for me
just once a year
in honor and renewal
of vows given
more than a quarter century past.

Squinting at the curtains,
I can taste this winter treat
and the sweetness
of the man who makes it for me.

I can see the girl sitting on her bunk,
sitting exactly
where my desk sits now
and I can feel
her fierceness,
her wonder
her sweetness too.

These curtains.

I wouldn't have chosen them
but as I work,
​I'm happy they're here. 

                               ©2016 Annette Meserve