Mendoza  spray paint and acrylic brush on corrugated stock

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Artist Gordon Lucero

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Red Line  spray paint  on corrugated stock

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M.O.Davis Homestead  spray paint acrylic brush on corrugated stock

An evening of Myth and Poetry

Road Runner Dreams spray paint acrylic brush on matboard

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February 1, 2017  in Trinidad, CO

          Gordon Lucero started his artistic life like so many do, in high school art class and then in college.  But Gordon’s art has taken shape in so many ways others’ have not.  With his bold color choices, his quick lines, his spontaneous compositions he expresses the character of his southern Colorado home, and worlds beyond, in delightfully intriguing ways.  Through his years of exploration, he’s developed a keen eye for unusual materials, for discarded surfaces, for repurposed tools and it is this willingness to see potential in whatever presents itself that allows him to produce the art of serendipity.  His is a chromatic extravagance of landscapes that are not landscapes, of faces that are not faces, of robots that might be can-openers.  You can never be too sure what will be found upon entering his landscapes but, once there, you never want to leave.  They are places where new friends await each time you care to look allowing, each piece to speak its own truth, in its own voice, through him.